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  • SOLD Breitling Navitimer



    As the oldest mechanical chronograph in the world still in production, the Navitimer has a formidable heritage. To this add the achievement of being the first wrist chronograph to be taken into space, as part of the Aurora 7 mission, on the wrist of Scott Carpenter. Breitling’s status as ‘official supplier to world aviat...

  • Brand Focus - Meistersinger


    This month we are focussing on one of our most unique watch brands – Meistersinger. Devoted to creating alternative wristwatches the first distinction you may notice is that they feature only a singular hour hand.

    Inspired by calming the passing of time, not worrying about seconds or minutes, gives the wearer ...

  • SOLD Omega Geneve



    Paying homage to Omega’s workshops in Geneva, where some of their iconic 30mm movements were created, the Geneve line was introduced. Such was its appeal that by 1970 it accounted for 60% of their production. The range was discontinued in 1979 when a law in Geneva stated the word ‘Geneva’ could no longer be added to good...

  • SOLD Longines La Grande Classique



    Its characteristic design and incomparable slimness are unmistakably La Grande Classique de Longines. Created following the success of the earlier Agassiz range which was exclusively made in 18ct gold, La Grande Classique was an immediate success and is still as popular today, several decades later.

    This lady’s Longines...

  • SOLD Rolex GMT-Master II



    In order to meet the requirements of pilots of the 1950’S Jet Age Rolex created the GMT-Master, a watch that enabled the wearer to easily keep track of the time, no matter where in the world they were. It soon became the official watch of several intercontinental airlines including Pan American World Airways, otherwise known as...

  • SOLD Omega Seamaster Professional 300m



    The Seamaster 300 was first introduced in 1957 as a diver’s addition to its mother range, which was created in 1948. It was an instant success and was worn by some of the world’s most famous divers and explorers, including the Jacques-Yves Cousteau team. The concept has changed little over the years, although the styling h...

  • SOLD Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date



    At the start of the 20th century wristwatches were not accurate but Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex creator, saw their potential and began fitting small Swiss movements into his wristwatches, movements which were themselves very accurate. His watches gained much acclaim from timekeeping institutes including a Class ‘A’ Precision certifi...

  • SOLD Rolex Explorer II



    First released in 1971 the Rolex Explorer II was the successor to the original Rolex Explorer. With functionality its primary objective, the Explorer II quickly became the watch of choice for volcanologists and polar explorers.

    This gentleman’s stainless steel Rolex Explorer II is on a brushed stainless steel oyster br...

  • SOLD Breitling Navitimer



    As the world’s oldest wrist chronograph, the Navitimer has changed very little since it was created in 1952. Designed to aid pilots with inflight calculations, the iconic slide-rule bezel has made it one of the most instantly recognisable watches on the market.

    This gent’s stainless steel Breitling Navitimer is fitt...

  • Baselworld 2017

    March was a very busy month for Cope Jewellers which included our annual visit to Baselworld. As a newbie to this fantastic event I was very excited to see what the fair had to offer.

    An early start from Heathrow meant we landed in a surprisingly sunny Basel around mid-morning giving us plenty of time to explore the fair and meet with some of our brands.


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