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A family owned business since 1850, Comitti of London have dedicated themselves to creating some of the world’s finest traditional and contemporary clocks. Recognising the importance of pairing both accuracy and beautiful design, Comitti clocks are produced by highly skilled craftsmen.

Their founder, Onorato Comitti began his journey in 1850 by opening his shop in Clerkenwell, London. By 1888 the company had been acknowledged as one of the finest clockmakers in England, and has since won many awards which celebrate and recognise their success. Comitti’s heritage and exceptional craftsmanship has even seen them rewarded with a clock in the Queen’s collection at Buckingham Palace.

Today Comitti still produce some of their most beautiful English classic designs heralding from the Georgian era when London was at the centre of horological excellence, along with creating new and contemporary timepieces.



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