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  • SOLD Jaeger-LeCoultre Ideale



    Adorning the wrists of some of the most notable figures of the last century, including HRH Queen Elizabeth II on the day of her coronation, Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the most prestigious watch brands in the world. The Ideale’s distinctive look and Art Deco styling demonstrate Jaeger-LeCoultre’s lasting appeal, adapting heri...

  • Not Just a Charm Bracelet...


    The bead on bracelet concept was born in Denmark in 1976 by Trollbeads. Allowing memories to be stored in charm form, the Trollbeads charm bracelets allow you to tell your story with your jewellery.

    Predominately still designed by the Nielson family in Denmark, the Trollbeads own story has developed over the year...

  • SOLD 18ct Longines



    Proof that true elegance never goes out of style, Longines watches certainly stand the test of time. Their philosophy, “Elegance is an attitude”, is perfectly demonstrated by their chosen ambassadors, which include Academy Award-winner Kate Winslet and world-famous tennis star couple Stefanie Graf and Andre Agassi.


  • SOLD Panerai Luminor 1950



    The Luminor 1950 as we see today was first developed shortly after the second world war as technical research into watches continued. After success with the Radiomir, the Luminor encompassed some similar features such as the cushion shaped case but developed in other areas. In 1949 a new substance was introduced to Panerai watche...

  • Breitling Navitimer 01 - Limited Edition


    The Navitimer is one of the most iconic timepieces ever created by Breitling. A true legend, this watch has been a favourite of pilots and aviation devotees since 1952. This legendary watch has changed very little in appearance over the years, sometimes adopting new faces such as that featured below, the movement however has seen...

  • SOLD Oris Big Crown X1 Calculator Pilot



    The Oris Big Crown X1 was created in homage to the first manned supersonic flight to break the sound barrier. In a tribute to the incredible feat of aviation Oris created and named this timepiece after the X-1 plane. The timepiece features a slide rule bezel heralding back to the era of the the late 1940’s when the X-1 plane wo...

  • SOLD Omega DeVille



    From George Clooney to James Bond there is a plethora of famous owners of the Omega DeVille. This elegant dress watch has been one of the pillars of Omega’s watch range since 1960. A smart watch suitable for both smart and casual wear it really is the perfect ‘all rounder’.

    This gentleman’s 9ct gold Omega DeVille...

  • SOLD Breitling Navitimer



    As the oldest mechanical chronograph in the world still in production, the Navitimer has a formidable heritage. To this add the achievement of being the first wrist chronograph to be taken into space, as part of the Aurora 7 mission, on the wrist of Scott Carpenter. Breitling’s status as ‘official supplier to world avia...

  • Brand Focus - Meistersinger


    This month we are focussing on one of our most unique watch brands – Meistersinger. Devoted to creating alternative wristwatches the first distinction you may notice is that they feature only a singular hour hand.

    Inspired by calming the passing of time, not worrying about seconds or minutes, gives the wearer...

  • SOLD Omega Geneve



    Paying homage to Omega’s workshops in Geneva, where some of their iconic 30mm movements were created, the Geneve line was introduced. Such was its appeal that by 1970 it accounted for 60% of their production. The range was discontinued in 1979 when a law in Geneva stated the word ‘Geneva’ could no longer be added to goo...

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