Everything is a fine diamond in the hands of a skilful man, everything becomes polished glass in the hands of a fool’ Jean de la Fontaine.

CARAT* create and design stunning fashion jewellery, using their own uniquely created and designed gemstones. Combining timeless glamour and modern wearability, the CARAT* collections are a must have, loved by celebrities worldwide. Partner of the British Academy Television Awards, CARAT* is the jewellery of choice for strutting down the red carpet this season.

CARAT* jewellery is designed with elegance and style in mind, drawing inspiration from a bygone era. Worn as a single statement piece, or coordinated to add a touch of red carpet glam, the CARAT* collections are sure to turn heads.

Cut and polished by hand with meticulous detail, CARAT* stones are almost identical optically to their natural counterparts. Each stone is set into gold or sterling silver, which compliments and boosts the stones’ colour.

Founded in 2003, CARAT* now have boutiques around the world, showcasing their beautiful simulated and synthetic stones. With a variety of colours from Diamond white, to Canary Yellow, along with traditional Sapphire blue and Ruby red, there is surely a stone to suit every occasion.

CARAT* is available at our Nottingham branch.
For any enquiries please contact:
Nottingham: Tel (0115) 947 2692 or Email: [email protected]