Swarovski produce some of the world’s most beautiful cut crystal jewellery, figurines and watches. Their naturally brilliant crystals have made stunning and intricate gifts for over a century, and the Swarovski name has since become synonymous with luxury, creativity, and elegance.

Founded in 1895, the Austrian company now has a global presence with a reputation as one of the market leaders in the production of luxury cut glass. Daniel Swarovski, the founder of the company, began his journey of creating these beautiful collections in 1892 when he invented a machine that would cut crystal accurately and precisely.

Working under his father’s guidance for many years as a glass cutters apprentice, Daniel Swarovski had learnt many skills which he transferred seamlessly into the Swarovski Company, which was founded just three years later in 1895. Consistently pushing the boundaries of crystal cutting, led Swarovski to creating some of the world’s most outstanding pieces, from their first collectible figurines in 1976, to innovative crystal fabrics in 2003

To celebrate their history and success Swarovski opened a museum at the site of the original crystal cutting factory in Wattens, Tyrol. The Kristallwellen museum has attracted many visitors who are keen to see the many exquisite collections that Swarovski have produced.

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