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TAG Heuer is a world leader in the field of luxury Swiss watchmaking. Mastering the art of the chronograph and consistently pushing the boundaries of precision, they have achieved goals which were thought impossible. Iconic designs and reaching levels of unparalleled accuracy, has led to TAG Heuer becoming synonymous with innovation and luxury.

Founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, the company has over 150 years of expertise in the creation of timepieces, and has continuously pushed the limits in watchmaking excellence. Throughout their history TAG Heuer have achieved many major milestones which have allowed them to gain world recognition.

In 1882 Edouard Heuer founded his small workshop in Saint-Imier, and created his first ever chronograph. Soon after in 1914, he designed and patented his first wrist chronograph, which was just the beginning of many firsts achieved by his company.

One of the most defining moments in the company’s history was the creation of the Time-of-Trip in 1911. This 12 hour chronograph was created and designed to fit dashboards on both cars and aircraft, and was both innovative and iconic. In 1919 this pioneering creation was fitted to the Zeppelin R34 which completed the first flight over the North Atlantic.

Further to this exceptional breakthrough, TAG Heuer became the first Swiss watch in space, worn by astronaut John Glenn on his famous orbital mission in 1962.

Along with ground-breaking firsts in watchmaking, the TAG Heuer brand is synonymous with sports and has been timekeeper of many major sporting events, including the Olympic Games and Formula 1, cementing their links with athletics and motor racing.

In 1971 Steve McQueen wore a Monaco, the first automatic chronograph in a square case, in the film Le Mans, bringing further attention to the brands extraordinary achievements and links with sports. In 1985 they teamed up with McLaren, which was to become one of the longest partnerships in Formula 1, leading to the release of their F1 range in 1986. 

Throughout their history TAG Heuer have expressed their values through their ambassadors, inspiring the perfectionists, Christiano Ronaldo, the competitors, Maria Sharapova and the rebels, Steve McQueen. Each building on the brands ambitions, and values. Their current campaign captures the true meaning behind TAG Heuer: Never give up on a challenge, make your own rules and “don’t crack under pressure”. 

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