Maybe, Baby?

With the birth of the Royal baby imminent, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s 1st child is still a closely guarded secret. No names have been suggested for the 7th in line to the British Throne, nor has the gender been disclosed. But with all the media speculation surrounding this most joyous event for the first-time parents, there is one thing I would really like to know. No, I’m not interested in the child’s forthcoming title. Nor do I even care if it will arrive into this world with flaming sunset tresses (OK. Maybe I am pretty excited to discover the answer to this!).

EWELLERY. That’s what I want to know. More specifically, after carrying the potential successor to the throne for the past nine months, will Harry honour the age old tradition of gifting Meghan with an eternity ring? - A symbol of everlasting love and affection, the eternity ring also represents ‘the circle of life’ and is typically given to welcome the arrival of the first child - And, if so, what will Harry chose to adorn Meghan’s vena amoris digit?

I wonder if it might be a piece by the Welsh jewellery company Clogau who, for generations, have supplied the Royals with rare Welsh gold for their wedding jewellery. It is entirely possible that this token of eternal love could be fashioned from the precious Cambrian ore

So, with just days to go before the Royal baby makes its appearance for the first time outside those infamous hospital doors, I can’t help but wonder… with Clogau’s unique designs in copper-hued rose gold, what could be more appropriate to commemorate Harry’s first born? ;)