Founded in 2001 by Manfred Brassler, MeisterSinger have devoted themselves to creating unique and alternative wristwatches. With only a singular hour hand on the dial, the hectic passing of seconds and minutes are long gone, allowing for a calmer view on the passing of time.

MeisterSinger have drawn inspiration from historical instruments of timekeeping, such as the sundial and hourglass, in order to create their stunning and classic timepieces. With a stripped-down appearance, every five minutes are marked around the dial allowing the passing of time to appear slower and more relaxed.

The singular hour hand was not simply created for the readability of the dial, but was founded on a philosophy that everyday rituals cannot be rushed, and time should be allowed for the things we love. This philosophy has been captured in every MeisterSinger watch.

The MeisterSinger collection is dedicated to creating both manually wound and automatic watches. However, new additions have been made expanding their watchmaking excellence, including a quartz family and their own in house movement, the MSH01, which emulates technological craftsmanship.

Although MeisterSinger have based their design on historical instruments of timekeeping, their classic and unique aesthetics will fit perfectly into your modern lifestyle. Introducing a calmer and more unique way to document the passing of time.

MeisterSinger is available at our Nottingham branch.
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